No Annual Fee · Tax Deductible · Low Interest Rate

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Your card arrives by mail and is tagged to automatically donate the Cash Back¹ you earn to our nonprofit..

Your everyday purchases automatically generate donations to fund our mission at no cost to you.

Unique Benefits

Doing Good – Feeling Good
Do good with every swipe.
There is nothing better than the feeling of giving back.

100% – No Rewards Lost For Any Reason
Zero rewards lost for any reason (expiring, closing the account, blackouts or just poor reward options) 100% of your donations are automatically donated to the charities of your choice.

No Donation Processing Fee
No donation processing fee to your charity. We don’t believe in breakage going back to the banks; instead creating more profits for your nonprofits.

Tax Deductible
Your donations are tax deductible¹ and we create instant automated paperwork for you.

Unlimited Rewards
Get unlimited 1% Cash Back² donations on every purchase with no limit on how much you can earn for your charity.

Donation Dashboard
Change your charity of choice whenever you want.  You can even choose to fund up to 3 different nonprofits at the same time and you’ll see the impact of your Cash Back² donations.